Debut Album ‚As I Rise‘ Releasedate


It’s final: We will release our self-titled debut album on 18.03.2016 worldwide (digital and physical) via Timezone Records.

Not only did we put every bit of our passion and musical talent, love and hate into this, the physical copy also features a 12 page full color design booklet by Philipp Sommer ( and Justin van Wickeren ( which by itself is worth getting yourself a copy.

We will have a pre-order and a hometown releaseshow soon, so keep up.




Q leaves As I Rise

Dear friends,

maybe you have noticed that it is only Han, Sean and Maze in all the last video/photos.
(And some weird new face – more on that later)
That is because Q is no longer an active part of As I Rise.
Her personal and educational life needs more attention at the moment so that she can not participate in this band so much as she wants and needs to.
There is no bad blood or anything of that kind – we are all still very good and close friends.
We will always cherish the times we had with her.

Q, we love you!
Thank you for everything!

In here are some of the best moments of her: