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This post is written in two languages because Germany needs more specific clarifications. Skip to the german version here.   English version: People just want to be treated kindly. When they are not treated kindly, they want justice. When they do not get justice, then they want revenge. The past couple of weeks and months
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Thank you for supporting us against racism and inhuman conditions by spreading this song. We encourage you to post this song under every single comment on your social media feed that supports racism, homophobia, exploitation of humans and Also every Fascist and/or Discriminating party post you witness.   This download is free, we don’t want you
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We’re proud to present our new single – a cover of german RAP group ‚K.I.Z.‘. A metaphorical declaration of war against discrimination, racism and inhuman bullshit that is going on in the world. Download this song for free here.
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Maze Held Screams
Sean Mertens Guitar + Cleans
Hannes Wissing Guitar
Clint Carl Drums


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Hello there,

we are As I Rise.
We make heavy but melodic metal music.

„Stop cursing the dark and start laying fires.“
We create uncompromising explosive music and equally extreme live-shows.

AiR is not only a band consisting of people who go on stage to perform for the fans. It is a community of people who share the thoughts and emotions we express in each and every one of our songs.
We want to inspire everybody who shares our ideas and feels the courage and urge to point at and shout out all those things that must be changed in today’s society.

We strive to be as close to our fans as possible, communicate with people to explore new perspectives, party together, have fun and maybe even change things for the better.
That’s why you can find our songs online for free, and that’s why we sell our merch and specials at such a low price. To us there is nothing more special than friends who want to party with us at gigs, and who actually comprehend our songs and sing with us, because that’s what music is all about: emotions.

We are thrilled about everybody who comes to our shows or gets in touch with us in any other way – come around!


Founded it 2012 we recorded and released our first EP „Young Blood“ completly DIY. Still and always available for free online.
Followed by extensive touring in 2013 and making new friends on the road.

In early 2014 we took a break from playing live shows, moved in together for a couple of months and started writing songs and doing the preproduction for the debut album.
This was then recorded, mixed and mastered by Aljoscha Sieg in Pitchback Studios in 2014/2015.

In 2015 AS I RISE signed with TIMEZONE RECORDS for a worldwide digital and European physical distribution.
Our self-titled debut album is out for grabs worldwide.

So, now here we are, waiting with halted breath and are excited what the future may hold.

Thanks for reading!

If you want to know or do something, just hit us up.


Our debut album is available worldwide.

You can preview all the songs in the widget on the right.

Or check out our handmade teaser of every song with visuals from our booklet here.

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Live Impressions

Live Impressions

Promo shooting 2015

Promo shooting 2015

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